the African forum for digital transformation.

The year 2020 was marked by the health crisis linked to Covid-19. The pandemic has been detrimental to the growth of the global economy and businesses. During this period, digital has been the lifeline to keep companies afloat, serve customers and make employees work via teleworking because of the confinement. Since 2005, worldwide, telework has increased by 159%. and the experts agree that this health crisis has accelerated the digital transformation of companies and States.

However, the year 2020 has prompted many companies adopt new technologies, including the cloud, in a hurry in order to adapt to the generalisation of teleworking. They now need to Rethink their strategy, sometimes established pre-Covid, and determine how it can generate value over the longer term.

This is the aim of our forum, to support companies in their digital transition.

I wish you a good virtual forum!